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    Why I have been inactive


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    Why I have been inactive Empty Why I have been inactive

    Post  Nicko on Thu May 30, 2013 7:16 pm

    Hey there iFunny forum goers,

    I know this forum isn't incredibly active but I still thought I would comment on why I'm not super active myself.

    I have started straying away from iFunny because generally in my opinion, it's going down the toilet in regards to content. Features are pretty bad, and if I see the same exact unoriginal comment one more time I'm going to go crazy.

    You'll go on and see the features and they'll be some guy who helped a lot of people, and the top 3 comments are all "Faith in humanity restored." Yeah, haven't heard that one before!

    If any of you guys are looking for some great content I would recommend It might take a bit to get used to, but it's incredibly entertaining and doesn't get old. It's also a lot more mature the iFunny.

    I don't mean to take away from iFunny because this forum is iFunny based, and I will still be posting here and using iFunny occasionally. I just thought you guys might want a change from the same old iFunny.

    Feel free to message me or another moderator or administrator for forum assistance!

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