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    Featured User Of The Week[ONE]


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    Featured User Of The Week[ONE] Empty Featured User Of The Week[ONE]

    Post  RustlerOfJimmies on Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:18 am

    This new series will show off profiles weekly depending on how much popularity they begin to gain. Occasionally small profiles will also be featured.

    Let's get to it! This weeks FEATURED USER is Based_James_Rustle!
    This profile has shown promise from the star but in a unique way. Instead of the traditional funny picture poster, this user specializes in comedy on the comment sections. As his name provides, he is an expert troll or Jimmy Rustler. Many take his jokes seriously and his sarcasm flies over their heads. Argument always ensues. Be sure to subscribe to Based_James_Rustle and look for his comments on every post you see!

    That's it for this weeks Featured User, be sure to wait for next week and see if you could be featured here. Goodnight.

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