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    Post  Ptrick125 on Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:49 am

    I have been using the app iFunny since March of 2011, back when featured pictures were getting hundreds of likes! I have been through all of the

    updates. I have a tool that gives pictures likes... that stay! Each likes comes from a real IP address with a unique cookie to ensure that they are not

    detected. I have even used this tool myself to get featured! Smile If you need proof that this service is real: (An old

    picture of mine that only had about 50 prior)

    The first 3 buyers will receive $5 off their order of $10 or more! Currently this is how much I charge:

    0-50: 15 Cents/like

    50-100 12 Cents/like

    100-200 9 Cents/like!

    200-400 7.5 Cents/like!

    If needed, I can provide a sample! Smile If you order 100, and I deliver 150, the extra 50 are at no cost to you! Even if you are skeptical, add me on Skype: Ptrick.125

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